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Professional Chef Training Centre

The School of Food, Thomastown, aims to be a nationally recognised Professional Chef Training Centre, delivering courses in food, horticulture and the culinary arts, from seed to plate. Nutritious, locally grown produce and food products are highlighted.
The School’s flagship programme, Modern Skills for Modern Chefs, is an 11-week intensive, hands-on course designed for those who are passionate about becoming a professional chef or starting their own food-related business.

The School of Food is a non-profit, self-sustaining social enterprise. Income earned from our Professional Chef Cookery courses is invested in local community food-related courses and events.

Modern Skills for Modern Chefs

This 11-week cookery programme incorporates the expertise and skill required of the Modern Chef while giving students a well-rounded education using modern techniques.
Students will learn to cook a variety of modern and traditional dishes frequently found on today’s restaurant menus. The cuisines taught include classic French, Irish, ethnic and international. Recipes vary from sous vide lamb to cinnamon sea salt and caramel ice cream, everything we teach is currently on trend in the Irish restaurant scene.
Successful students are awarded a European Union Recognised QQI Level 4 Certificate.


The School of Food has developed a one-acre Market Garden. A wide selection of vegetables, fruit, herbs and salad crops have been planted for use in the Chef Training and Cookery classes.
Our garden project is being co-ordinated by Regina Blunden, who leads the Community Volunteer Group. Team members are chosen through a volunteer program, the Tus Scheme and with occasional supports from Camphill Jerpoint.